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Music In The Wild

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Shaping and growing creative ideas

Year 3 in the NCE Incubator


Yngvil Vatn Guttu, NCE, Musician, Composer
Michael Dickerson, NCE and Anchorage School District
Rick Zelinsky, AEO, Musician, Composer
Endless Field: Ike Storm, Jesse Lewis
Homer Council on the Arts
Denali Arts Council
Center for Alaska Coastal Studies
Spenard Jazz Fest



Music In The Wild honors Mother Nature through music making in the wilderness  - without disturbing the hostess in the process.

Every summer, a small band of artists and audiences venture into remote Alaskan locations with solar panels, batteries, foraging baskets and tents, with a chef and mixologist in tow. Together we create and enjoy unforgettable musical and culinary experiences - fully solar powered music and VERY locally sources gourmet food and drinks.

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